Sputum Container Tenders In Jharkhand


Many sputum container Tenders in Jharkhand. One of Jharkhand Tenders is invited by the District Health Society for Supply Of Sputum Container With Level Glass Slide For Microscope (50 /Pkt.), Basic Fuchsin Powder (25 Gr), Diamond Marker Pencil (Each), Grease Marking Pencil Marking (Each), Sulphuric Acid (500Ml), Methylene Blue (25 Gr.), Auramine (100 Gr), Hydrochloric Acid (500 Ml), Carbolic Acid (Phenol) (500 Gr), Potassium Permanganate (500Ml), Liquid Paraffin (Heavy Grade) (500Ml), Absolute Alcohol (500Ml), Methylated Spirit (500Ml.), Falcon Tube (Each), Distilled Water (5 Lt.), Tissue Roll (Each), Cotton (500 Gr./ Roll), Filter Paper (Each), Lens Paper (Each) Etc.

The last date of submission of this tender is 25-03-2021.

Estimated Tender Value is not available please refer to the tender document for detail

For more information, you can visit TDR:27390917

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