Repairing Of Cracked Portion Of Boom In Jharkhand


Many Tenders in jharkhand. Repairing Of Cracked Portion Of Boom , Arm And Bucket Of Tata 1200 Shovel At Antst-Jg Ocp , Lodna Area , Bccl . 1 . Boom Cracked Portion Gousing V Making . 2 . Cracked Portion Boom Welding By Steel Electrode . 3 . Ribs Cutting Bending And Welding . 4 . Arm Both Side Cracked Portion Gousing . 5 . Arm Cracked Portion Both Side Welding By Steel Electrode .

The last date of submission of this tender is 21-05-2021

The estimated Tender Value is not available please refer to the tender document for detail. 

More details are available on TDR:27883815, tender 247

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