Rate Contract Of Laboratory Equipment For State Drug Testing Laboratory :- Uv / Vis Spectrophotometer, Ft-Ir Spectrophotometer With Accessories, Hplc ( Gradient ) System With Uv-Vis, Ri &Fluorescence Detector, Auto Sampler & Essential Columns, Hplc ( Gradient ) System With Uv-Vis &Ri Detector, Auto Sampler & Essential Columns, Glc With Fid Detector With Head Space, Potentiometric Titrator With Necessary Electrodes, Dissolution Apparatus With Auto Sampler, Dissolution Media Preparation System, Analytical Balance ( 5 Digits ) With Printer Along With Anti Vibration Table, Pharma Refrigerator ( 2-8 Degrees Centigrade ) 500 L, Water Purification System, Kf Titrator - Coulometer, Automated Digital Polarimeter, Digital Refractometer, Cold Centrifuge, Ph Meter, Conductivity Meter, Disintegration Test Apparatus

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March 23, 2019

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